What can we Calibrate?

We have the ability to Calibrate a wide Variety of Instrumentation

– 18th Edition Multi-function Testers (And Below)

– 5th Edition PAT Testers (And Below)

– Insulation & Continuity Testers

– Loop & RCD Testers

– High Voltage Insulation Testers / Cable Test sets

– Gas Analysers

– RF Monitors / Telecoms Equipment

– Dimensional Equipment ( Calipers, Slips, Micrometers & More )

– Thermometers (Probes, K type, Infrared Therms / Cameras & Glass)

– And Lots more use the Contact Feature below to get a quick Quotation or even a Call        from one of our Team

Calibration Process

All of our Calibrations are Carried out to the Manufacturer Specifications & Tolerances, This means that we Follow the Guidelines to make sure your instrument is Fully Compliant with the Current Regulations & in Great Working order,

We Use Precision Equipment and Machinery to carry out our Calibrations, Which are all UKAS Calibrated making Anything that we Calibrate Traceable to All National Standards,

When Calibrating we Run your instruments through their paces by Carrying out Various Tests on each range your instrument offers, By doing this we can measure how precise your tester reads and check Output Voltages and Currents,

We Always recommend that when bringing your instrument in for Calibration that you supply us with all the Neccesary Accesories we will need to Complete all Required tests, this is because we also check the condition of your leads to ensure they havent Degraded as this can alter the readings you will get when carrying out inspections.

How we Investigate Faults

Our Investigation Process is completely FREE! Whether you give the Go-ahead for the Work to be carried out at the Agreed Quotation or would like to have your instrument returned not repaired, there is no Investigation Fee at all,

No Fixed Fee’s on any Repairs carried out in house, all of our repair Quotations are based on Time taken & Parts used so we are much more reasonble on Costings than Most other Repair Houses,

If a Instrument Fails a Calibration or Just Comes in to us faulty we offer an amazing Service and a Speedy turnaround to get you back up and running as fast as possible, 

(No Repairs/Investigation will be undertaken unless authorised by the Customer)


Our Repairs Procedure

Once we know what the instrument has failed on we strip the unit down to surface mount component level checking the values of all Components in the Desired work area, If any values are found to be incorrect they will be removed and replaced, 

If in the Event the Unit Requires a more substantial repair we also offer a wide range of PCB Board Replacements for all instruments that are still supported,

Going past that we have Great Relationships with all the Major Manufacturers to Organise a Repair through them for anything that is under Warranty or that requires a Major Repair

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