Fluke 28 II IP67 Industrial Multimeter

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Fluke 28 II IP67 Industrial Multimeter

With an IP67 rating, the Fluke 28 II Digital Multimeter is designed for outdoor use and can withstand a drop of up to 3m. It measures a range of electrical variables including AC/DC voltage (1000V), AC/DC current (10A), resistance (50MΩ), capacitance (9999µF), and frequency (199.99kHz). Furthermore, the 28 II can measure temperature between -200˚C and +1090˚C and these parameters can be measured to very high resolutions such as 0.1µA and 0.1Ω which allow inspections of flame detectors, thermistors, and more.

True RMS measurement aids accuracy when measuring non-linear outputs and a low pass filter combines with a unique measurement technique for accurately assessing ‘noisy’ electrical systems like motor drives. The relative mode removes test lead resistance from the equation for low resistance measurement and, finally, the Fluke 28 II can be used for diode and continuity testing.

Key Features

  • AC/DC voltage up to 1000V
  • AC/DC current up to 10A
  • Resistance up to 50MΩ
  • Capacitance up to 9999µF
  • Frequency up to 199.99kHz
  • Temperature from -200˚C to 1090˚C
  • High resolution measurement
  • True RMS measurement for AC values
  • Low pass filter and unique ‘noisy’ measurement technique
  • Diode and continuity testing
  • Test lead resistance compensation
  • IP67 dust and waterproof rating
  • MSHA approved
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Cat III to 1000V and Cat IV to 600V
  • 3m drop tested
  • High resolution screen
  • Auto hold, min/max/avg, peak hold
  • 800-hour battery life


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