Megger AVO210 Digital Multimeter

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Megger AVO210 Digital Multimeter 1006-969

Offering AC and DC voltage and current measurements alongside resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges, the Megger AVO210 Digital Multimeter is a great general purpose option for electricians, heating engineers or alarm technicians.

Coming complete with GS38 compliant shrouded test leads, the Megger AVO210 provides 1000 V DC / 750 V AC and 10 A AC / DC ranges, with results displayed in its 2000-count digital display.

With it user-friendly design and easy-to-use rotary dial, the Megger AVO210 offers a range of additional features – such as non-contact voltage detection, auto-ranging and data hold functionality – making the instrument useful for a wide range of applications.

Megger AVO210 Key Features

  • 2000 count digital display
  • 1000 V DC / 750 V AC ranges
  • 10 A AC / DC ranges
  • Resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges
  • Non-contact voltage detector
  • Auto-ranging and data hold functionality

Tech Specs

Megger AVO410 Technical Specifications

Note: accuracy is ± (% of reading + number of digits) at 23°C ± 5°C, less than 80% RH

AC/DC Voltage
Range DC Accuracy AC Accuracy
600.0mV ±0.5% + 2 digits 50Hz/60Hz sine wave for 600.0mV range, ± (0.9% + 5 digits) 50 to 500Hz
DC 1000V / AC 750V
Overvoltage Protection DC 1000V or AC
Input Impedance 10MΩ // less than 100pF
CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio/Normal
Mode Rejection Ratio)
VAC: CMRR>60dB at DC, 50Hz/60Hz
VDC: CMRR > 10dB at DC, 50/60Hz
NMRR: >50dB at DC, 50/60Hz
AC Conversion Type AC conversions are AC courple True RMS responding, calibrated to the sine wave input
Note *1 ) The basic accuracy is specified for a sine wave below 4000 counts. Over 4000 counts, add 0.6% to the accuracy. For non-sine waves below 2000 counts, refer to the following for accuracy:

±1.5% addition error for C.F from 1.4 to 3

Crest Factor C.F = peak/rms
AC/DC Current
Range DC Accuracy AC Accuracy
600.0μA ±(1.0% + 2 digits) N/A
6.000A ±(1.5% + 6 dgt) 50Hz – 500Hz *1
Overload Protection A Input: 10A (500V) fast blow fuse
μA Input: 600V rms
*1) AC Conversion Type Conversion type and additional specification are the same AC/DC voltage
Range Accuracy Overload Protection
600.0Ω * 2 ±(0.7% + 2 digits) 600V rms
6.000MΩ ±(1.0% + 2 digits)
60.00MΩ * 1 ±(1.5% + 2 digits)
*1) Less than 20Hz, the sensitivity is 1.5V rms
*2) Max sensitivity <5V AC rms
Range Accuracy
6.000nF ±(1.9%) + 8 digits
Overload Protection 600V rms
* <100 digit of reading rolling
General Specifications
Display 6000 counts, updates 1.5/sec
Polarity Indication Automatic, positive implied, negative indicated
Overrange Indication “OL” or “-OL”
Low Battery Indication Displayed when the battery voltage drops below operating voltage
Auto Power Off Approx 10 minutes
Operating Conditions Non-condensing ≤10 °C,
11 °C ~ 30 °C (≤80% R.H)
31 °C ~ 40 °C (≤75% R.H),
41 °C ~ 50 °C (≤45% R.H)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C, 0 to 80% RH when battery removed from meter
Temperature Coefficient 0.15 x (Spec.Acc’y) / °C, <18°C or >28°C
Safety IEC 61010 CAT IV 600V
Power Requirements Standard 9V battery: PP3, NEDA 1604, IEC6422 or JIS006P
Battery Life Alkaline: 300 hours
Dimensions (W x H x D) 76 x 158 x 38mm without holster
82 x 164 x 44mm with holster
Weight 522g


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