Megger AVO410 True RMS Digital Multimeter

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An autoranging, true RMS digital multimeter, the Megger AVO410 is a great tool for use in electrical testing procedures and allows users to carry out testing with a high degree of accuracy.

The AVO410 is able to perform AC/DC voltage measurements, AC/DC current measurements, resistance testing, frequency and capacitance testing. Multiple measurement ranges are available for each parameter and, since the AVO410 is autoranging, it will automatically adjust itself as needed to the correct range. It is also possible to override the autorange facility and use manual ranging if this function if preferred by the user.

Whether you’re working on basic domestic electrical systems of working on a complex system in poor lighting, the Megger AVO410’s backlit LCD screen means you can always see test results. It’s also possible to use the AVO410’s RS232 interface to communicate testing data to PC for further analysis (requires optional Megger software – sold separately).

In addition to this the AVO410 also contains additional features such as MIN/MAX measurements, a data hold function and a continuity buzzer.

This DMM comes as standard with a set of test leads which come with fully GS38 certified tips.

Megger AVO410 Digital Multimeter Key Features

  • Professional digital multimeter highly recommended for use by electricians
  • True RMS – ensures accuracy is maintained when testing on AC circuits
  • Measure AC/DC voltage up to 1000V
  • Measure AC/DC current up to 10A
  • Resistance measurements up to 60MΩ
  • Diode and continuity checks
  • Measure frequency to 60.00MHz
  • Measure capacitance to 6.00mF
  • 6000 count backlit digital display
  • Autoranging – automatically adjusts itself to the correct range (or you can manually select it yourself)
  • MIN/MAX measurement mode calculates the maximum and minimum values calculated over a period of time
  • Data hold function temporarily stores current value shown on the screen
  • CAT IV 600V safety rated

What’s Included?

  • Megger AVO410 Digital Multimeter
  • Test Leads and Probes

Tech Specs

Megger AVO410 Technical Specifications

Note: accuracy is ± (% of reading + number of digits) at 23°C ± 5°C, less than 80% RH

AC/DC Voltage
Range DC Accuracy AC Accuracy
600.0mV ±0.5% + 2 digits 50Hz/60Hz sine wave for 600.0mV range, ± (0.9% + 5 digits) 50 to 500Hz
DC 1000V / AC 750V
Overvoltage Protection DC 1000V or AC
Input Impedance 10MΩ // less than 100pF
CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio/Normal
Mode Rejection Ratio)
VAC: CMRR>60dB at DC, 50Hz/60Hz
VDC: CMRR > 10dB at DC, 50/60Hz
NMRR: >50dB at DC, 50/60Hz
AC Conversion Type AC conversions are AC courple True RMS responding, calibrated to the sine wave input
Note *1 ) The basic accuracy is specified for a sine wave below 4000 counts. Over 4000 counts, add 0.6% to the accuracy. For non-sine waves below 2000 counts, refer to the following for accuracy:

±1.5% addition error for C.F from 1.4 to 3

Crest Factor C.F = peak/rms
AC/DC Current
Range DC Accuracy AC Accuracy
600.0μA ±(1.0% + 2 digits) N/A
6.000A ±(1.5% + 6 dgt) 50Hz – 500Hz *1
Overload Protection A Input: 10A (500V) fast blow fuse
μA Input: 600V rms
*1) AC Conversion Type Conversion type and additional specification are the same AC/DC voltage
Range Accuracy Overload Protection
600.0Ω * 2 ±(0.7% + 2 digits) 600V rms
6.000MΩ ±(1.0% + 2 digits)
60.00MΩ * 1 ±(1.5% + 2 digits)
*1) Less than 20Hz, the sensitivity is 1.5V rms
*2) Max sensitivity <5V AC rms
Range Accuracy
6.000nF ±(1.9%) + 8 digits
Overload Protection 600V rms
* <100 digit of reading rolling
General Specifications
Display 6000 counts, updates 1.5/sec
Polarity Indication Automatic, positive implied, negative indicated
Overrange Indication “OL” or “-OL”
Low Battery Indication Displayed when the battery voltage drops below operating voltage
Auto Power Off Approx 10 minutes
Operating Conditions Non-condensing ≤10 °C,
11 °C ~ 30 °C (≤80% R.H)
31 °C ~ 40 °C (≤75% R.H),
41 °C ~ 50 °C (≤45% R.H)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C, 0 to 80% RH when battery removed from meter
Temperature Coefficient 0.15 x (Spec.Acc’y) / °C, <18°C or >28°C
Safety IEC 61010 CAT IV 600V
Power Requirements Standard 9V battery: PP3, NEDA 1604, IEC6422 or JIS006P
Battery Life Alkaline: 300 hours
Dimensions (W x H x D) 76 x 158 x 38mm without holster
82 x 164 x 44mm with holster
Weight 522g


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